Christy Ring / Peil - Classic Hurling & Gaelic Football Sports Films DVD

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This DVD features the sporting greats on the 1960s demonstrating the essential skills of both football and hurling. In CHRISTY RING, Christy demonstrates the skills of hurling. Christy, an eight time All-Ireland winner, is regarded to this day and the best hurler of all time. In PEIL, to demonstrate football skills, a cross-section of the best players from the top teams were chosen. They were Sean Purcell of Galway, described by Michael O Muircheartaigh of RTE as the 'finest footballer I have ever seen', Kevin Heffernan (Dublin), Greg Hughes (Offaly), Frank Stockwell (Galway), Sean O'Neill ad Leo Murphy (Down) and Kevin Beahan (Louth). This DVD also features rare newsreel footage of major hurling and football games from the years 1959-1963. Captured for AMHARC EIREANN, many of these legendary games have entered the annals of GAA history. The dominant hurling teams of the time were Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford. In football, Down came through to win the first All-Ireland for the North in 1960 and again the following year. Other football teams to the fore were Galway,