Foster & Allen - Timeless Memories - 10 CD BOX SET

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This special edition new release, features 182 tracks from 10 of their most popular and favourite albums, many of which have not been reissued in the UK for a number of years; Maggie, After All These Years, Reminiscing, Reflections, Remember You’re Mine, Souvenirs, Memories, Heart Strings, By Request & Songs We Love To Sing.


Album 1:
    1.    Maggie
    2.    The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill
    3.    Harvest Moon
    4.    Isle Of Innisfree
    5.    Mist Upon The Morning
    6.    Hornpipes (A Selection)
    7.    Sweethearts In The Spring
    8.    Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    9.    Molly My Lovely Molly
    10.    Seasons Of The Heart
    11.    Reels (A Selection)
    12.    Nell Flaherty’s Drake
    13.    Farewell To Derry
    14.    Johnny Browne

Album 2:
    1.    After All These Years
    2.    The Old Dungarvan Oak
    3.    When I Dream
    4.    Bluebell Polka
    5.    Do You Think You Could Love Me Again
    6.    Leavin’ Of Liverpool
    7.    Rose Of Allendale
    8.    I Still Love You
    9.    Cottage By The Sea
    10.    Old Ardboe
    11.    The Scots Polka
    12.    The Rose Of Mooncoin
    13.    Six Foot Seven Woman
    14.    When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

Album 3:
    1.    Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine
    2.    Somewhere My Love
    3.    Old Shep
    4.    Sweetest Of All
    5.    Fraulein
    6.    The Moonshiner
    7.    Sunshine Of Your Smile
    8.    Sitting Alone In An Old Rocking Chair
    9.    The Wild Side Of Life
    10.    Old Loves Never Die
    11.    Sweet Bye And Bye
    12.    Old Pals
    13.    If We Had Old Ireland Over Here
    14.    I Wish I Was Eighteen Again
    15.    She Sang The Melody
    16.    A Pub With No Beer
    17.    Long Before Your Time
    18.    The Mira

Album 4:
    1.    True Love
    2.    Ramblin’ Rose
    3.    I Love You Because
    4.    Goodnight Irene
    5.    An Old Love
    6.    Annie’s Song (Instrumental)
    7.    You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore
    8.    Away To Mary Anne
    9.    Mary Of Argyll
    10.    Tennessee Waltz
    11.    Could I Have This Dance (For The Rest Of My Life)
    12.    Part Of Me Will Always Be In Love With You
    13.    The Last Thing On My Mind
    14.    Edelweiss
    15.    Life In The Finland Woods (Instrumental)
    16.    Scarlet Ribbons
    17.    The Rose Of Tralee
    18.    All The Days Of My Life
    19.    No More Good Times
    20.    Now Is The Hour

Album 5:
    1.    Silver Threads Among The Gold
    2.    The Wild Rover
    3.    Remember You’re Mine
    4.    The Hills Of Connemara
    5.    The Golden Years
    6.    The First House In Connaught/The Donegal Ree
    7.    From The Candy Store On The Corner (To The Chapel On The Hill)
    8.    The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
    9.    Rose Of My Heart
    10.    The Woman In The Bed
    11.    Once Upon A Time
    12.    My Lovely Rose Of Clare
    13.    On The Mountain/Tobin’s Favourite
    14.    More Than Yesterday
    15.    The Ballad Of Dawn Run
    16.    Sorrento Thoughts

Album 6:
    1.    My Happiness
    2.    From A Jack To A King
    3.    I Can’t Stop Loving You
    4.    The Old Threshing Mill
    5.    Sweet Dreams
    6.    Moonlight In Mayo
    7.    Your Old Love Letters
    8.    Let The Rest Of The World Go By
    9.    Reels: Mack's Ramblers/Buffalo Girls/Sunshine Reel
    10.    Tar And Cement
    11.    Westmeath Batchelor
    12.    Farewell Party
    13.    Candlelight And Wine
    14.    The Moon, The Stars And Me
    15.    Under The Bridges Of Paris
    16.    Till I Gain Control Again
    17.    The Land I Love So Well
    18.    Jigs: The Cobbler / Pet Of The Pipers

Album 7:
    1.    After The Ball
    2.    Any Dream Will Do
    3.    Wooden Heart
    4.    Fireside Dreaming
    5.    The Old Button Box
    6.    Turn Back The Years
    7.    Katie Daly
    8.    Lily Of The Valley
    9.    Selection Of Jigs: Carraroe/Hinchey’s Delight
    10.    Our Anniversary
    11.    Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon
    12.    A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing
    13.    Sweet Offaly Lady
    14.    Sweet Forget Me Not
    15.    Coolaba Bay
    16.    Red Haired Mary
    17.    One Night Of Love
    18.    Selection Of Reels: The Scholar/Swinging Gate

Album 8:
    1.    Que Sera Sera
    2.    I Love You More And More Everyday
    3.    When You Are In Love It’s The Loveliest Night Of The Year
    4.    I'll Tell Me Ma
    5.    Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
    6.    The Ring Your Mother Wore
    7.    The Old Boreen
    8.    Roses And Violets
    9.    Liverpool Lou
    10.    Brian O’Kane’s March
    11.    There’s A Rainbow Somewhere
    12.    An Old Time Waltz
    13.    The Irish Rover
    14.    Sweet Thames Flow Softly
    15.    On My Mind
    16.    Love Me
    17.    Little Beggar Man
    18.    The Village Where I Went To School
    19.    You’re Never Too Old To Love
    20.    Polkas

Album 9:
    1.    You Got Gold
    2.    Song Sung Blue
    3.    Wolverton Mountain
    4.    I Don’t Know Why I Love You But I Do
    5.    Oh Lonesome Me
    6.    Beautiful Dreamer
    7.    Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down
    8.    Shutters And Boards
    9.    One Hundred Children
    10.    Peter’s Street/Mason’s Apron
    11.    Memories Are Made Of This
    12.    Release Me
    13.    Things
    14.    I Love You Every Second
    15.    My Uncle Mike
    16.    Why Worry
    17.    Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Day’s Of Summer
    18.    My Father’s House
    19.    Teaching McFadden To Dance
    20.    Wait Till The Clouds Roll By Jenny
    21.    Sunshine Hornpipe/Golden Eagle
    22.    Sea Of Heartbreak

Album 10:
    1.    Everything Is Beautiful
    2.    Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
    3.    Still
    4.    Mursheen Durkin
    5.    Love Me Tender
    6.    Do What You Do Do Well
    7.    Take These Chains From My Heart
    8.    A Picture Of You
    9.    An Irish Harvest Day
    10.    The Wabash Cannonball
    11.    Jealous Heart
    12.    Hello Mary Lou
    13.    Oh Dearest One
    14.    Shuffling Samuel
    15.    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
    16.    Johnny Will
    17.    Rare Old Mountain Dew
    18.    Pip Pip (Can You Hear Me)
    19.    Carolina Star
    20.    The Gypsy Rover
    21.    Jigs: The Knights Of St. Patrick/The Irish Washer Woman
    22.    The Holy Ground