Hal Roach - Write It Down CD

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Irish folklore is based on story-telling. Story-telling is synonymous with the name Hal Roach. Hal quite often describes himself as one of the cheaper better acts. He, in fact, downgrades himself when one considers that he has toured the world and in Jury's alone he has played to over a million customers. He is the ideal cure for insomnia, backache, headache and hangover. Like all comics, Hal is like the Greek God Janus.

Ireland's most travelled storyteller, Ireland's King of Blarney, call him what you may, but the thing that gives him the most pleasure is the laughter of children. Audiences all over the world have rewarded him with their laughter, he in turn has lifted the dull grey cloak of sadness from us all and brought sunshine to our lives. Long may he reign.