Joe Chester Jupiter's Wife CD

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A natural successor to 2017's critically acclaimed "The Easter Vigil" the latest offering from Joe Chester moves from themes of losing inner spiritual and sacred belief to losing faith in each other and the dissolution of a lifelong union and marriage in the broader sense. "Jupiter's Wife" (Juno, Roman goddess of marriage) is a deep and rewarding well, filled with the complexities and conflicts that befall a shipwrecked relationship in a time before divorce was an option. The experience is contentious, doused in the tension between want and need. Joe draws artfully on daring imagery to give extraordinary colour to the impending abyss. The soundscape is equally rich with comforting atmospheric depth and an earthy, natural flavour that is relentlessly strewn with many a gratifying and devastating turn of phrase.


  1. Jupiter’s Wife
  2. Staying Together For The Children
  3. My Shipwrecked Mind
  4. The Heart Of Saint Laurence O'Toole
  5. Somewhere Between Oblivion And Bliss
  6. Nothing At The End
  7. Is Cuimhin Liom
  8. A Red Balloon
  9. Synge's Chair
  10. A Siren Song To A Shipwreck
  11. Sweet Bird
  12. Hilton And Michael
  13. Novena