Mise Eire - (Stiurthoir) George Morrison & (Ceol) Sean O'Riada DVD

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In 1960 Gael-Linn commissioned George Morrison to direct a cinematic history of the Irish struggle for freedom between 1896 and 1918. Morrison assembled a huge amount of archive film footage from many sources, and using the filmmaking expertise already assembled by Gael-Linn, created a milestone in Irish cinema. The score was composed and conducted by Sean O'Riada, and when released, the film took the country by storm. It is now available on DVD for the first time, it's there in its entirety, and there is extra material, including a documentary piece on its making and the short film 'An Tine Beo' which interviews some of the veterans alive at the time. With an all-Gaelic script, it now has English subtitles for the first time.