Mr Men & Little Miss - Snow Plus More Fun-Tastic Stories DVD

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8 FUN-TASTIC stories are included on this DVD:

Snow - Mr. Bump's snowman proves a 'flakey' companion; Little Miss Calamity braves the snow for a good broadcast; Even penguins are left shivering when Mr. Stubborn resists turning up the heat.

Boo Boos - Mr. Nervous panics over a not so scary splinter; Mr. Happy's winning bedside manner can not persuade Mr. Stubborn to undergo a 'Carrotectomy'; Little Miss Daredevil gives Mr. Quiet a turbulent tour of the hospital.

Hobbies - Little Miss Daredevil monkeys around while performing a tightrope act; Mr. Scatterbrain's wide range of hobby kits leave Mr. Grumpy unimpressed; Little Miss Whoops' snake charming abilities have Mr. Bump scurrying.

Dillydale Day - Mr. Bump gets swept up in a street sweeping; balloon animals blow Mr. Nervous' cool; Little Miss Calamity steals the show in the musical history lesson of Dillydale.

Collecting - Mr. Scatterbrain's collection liven up the set of Good Morning Dillydale; Little Miss Calamity wins a precarious prize; Mr. Nervous survives the perils of playtime.

Lawns - Mr. Quiet trims his topiary; Mr. Rude rakes leaves with a chipper Little Miss Chatterbox; wild things happen when Little Miss Naughty cares for Mr. Nervous' lawn

Science - Mr. Stubborn shares his scientific theories; Little Miss Whoops topples a T-Rex; during a visit to the Planetarium; Mr. Nervous embarks on a personal space odyssey.

Night - Mr. Stubborn refuses to believe in werewolves; the case of the Little Missing Scatterbrain proves puzzling; Mr Lazy is mistaken for a museum mummy.